Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Wreath

I ordinarily only decorate our house for the most major of holidays - Christmas.  However, since becoming obsessed with craft blogs, I decided to do a little something for Valentine's Day.  Namely - fulfill my ongoing wreath obsession.

I had seen a lot of bloggers use cupcake liners to make a wreath in the same fashion I used coffee filters.  I decided this would be interesting to try for Valentine's Day.  I bought a flat wreath form, 2 packs of 75 Valentine's cupcake liners, and some simple red ribbon from Michael's.  When I got home I retrieved my trusty glue gun and got to work.  I folded the cupcake liner in fourths (like I did with the coffee filters), added some hot glue and stuck it to the wreath.

After gluing for a few minutes I realized I wasn't going to like this one as much as my coffee filter wreath.  The cupcake liners are stiffer so everything wasn't as fluffy or laying as nicely.  I have since found some cupcake liner wreaths that use a different technique for applying the cupcake liners and I think if I used one of those methods I would've been happier.  Anywho, after I covered the wreath form this is what I ended up with.

Eh.  I decided it could've been worse so I hung it on a door into our kitchen to give myself some time to think about it.  Well, because the back wasn't covered in any way every time you opened that door the wreath bounced and banged on the door.  So I had to tape it in place.

About a week later, in some random moment, I realized what I could do to help my wreath out.  So I took it down and grabbed some white coffee filters.  I then turned the wreath over and started gluing white coffee filters on the back so they would stick out on the inside and the outside of the wreath.  I immediately liked the change.  I had also bought some glittery hearts on a stick from The Dollar Tree.  I removed the sticks from the bottom and glued some hearts on the wreath, too.

Wa la!  Much better.  I now have a wreath I love hanging in my kitchen.  And because of the padding on the back from the coffee filters it doesn't bang on the door anymore.  Oh - and I also bought some of these hooks to hang my wreaths on - so no more duck tape!  

To round out the minimal decorating in my house, I also bought a little glass candle holder at The Dollar Tree and filled it with conversation hearts and a candle.  I put it on top of my piano (the main decorating spot in my house) along with a snow globe we bought on our honeymoon in Disney World.  Although it has been a challenge to keep the kids (okay, me) from eating the candy.

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Jen said...

Very Sweet! I have seen so many crafts lately with very pretty and decorative cupcake liners! I am a new follower.
I hope you come by to visit.

Laura said...

I saw on your sidebar that you are reading The Poisonwood Bible. I LOVED that book -- read it about 10years ago and is an all-time favorite.
Great job on the wreath. I'm going to follow you from now on. If I ever post to my blog again, I'll link to you.

The Loops said...

I'm your newest follower and a total wreath addict. This is great! I'd love for you to swing by my blog!