Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boogity, boogity, boogity let's go racing!

Non Nascar fans may not know, but that is how announcer Darrell Waltrip likes to start a Nascar race.  It's pretty funny to hear, actually.

This past weekend was Logan's Cub Scout troop's Pinewood Derby.  Basically, all the boys get a kit with a block of wood, 4 "axles", and 4 tires and create a race car by cutting and painting the block of wood.  Now even though this is Logan's second year in Cub Scouts, this was his first Pinewood Derby since we didn't participate last year.  He was super excited about it, too.

At the beginning of January the troop holds a Pit Crew Day.  This is a time for those of us who don't have the tools to cut our blocks of wood to gain the assistance of some of the manly men of our troop who like using power tools.  Since we don't have any of the necessary cutting tools I knew we would have to make it to the Pit Crew Day.  However, that weekend marked the first of many weekends in January when someone in our house was sick.  And unfortunately, that person was me that weekend.

Now what?  With some craftiness we managed to get our wood cut into a car shape.  Joey and Logan worked together to paint it and attach the wheels.  I came in at the end to super glue some attachments on.

Finally it was the day of the race.  Since I am one of the leaders for Logan's troop (the secretary) we arrived 2 hours early to help set up. 

Finally, the racing began with cars the adults or siblings in our troop had made.

The car in the center was called Sprinkles (since it was decorated with candy sprinkles), was made by the grandmother of one the boys', and became the eventual winner of the non-Cub Scout segment.

*The one on the right was a Princess Peach car from Super Mario.  It was our second favorite adult car, especially since Logan and I have been obsessed with Mario on Wii lately.  Also, her Cub Scout brother made a Mario car.  They were a cute combo.

Finally it was time for the Scout races to begin.  We found out that the winner wasn't decided by heat winners, but an average of placement from every race.  All cars raced in each of the 4 lanes and against every other car participating.  I had no idea how long it would take.

All the boys cars ready to race.  Logan's is the 4th car on the front row with the little Lego man on it.

The boys watching the race. 

Logan's car getting ready to go (his is one the right).  Unfortunately it came in last in every heat except when it raced against one car that couldn't make it all the way down the track.  It's okay though, he already has some ideas for next year's car.

After all the heats had run it was tied between two cars for first place.  One car was made by a boy who just started this past September.  The other was made by the son of the Pack master who had won the past 2 or 3 years.
The Batman car was the new boys car and the gold one was last year's winners car.

And the winner is...the Batman car!    Pretty impressive victory over the incumbent and as a first year player.

After the races were done they handed out "prizes" to the "Sub Scouts" in our group.  These are all the little brothers and sisters who come to the meetings and all the events.  They each got a blue plastic lunch box with a Matchbox race car in it.  And they all felt really special, which was the point.
The Sub Scouts.

Gracie saying goodbye to her chosen playmate for the evening, and also the owner of the Princess Peach car. (You can see the french braids I tried.  Not the best, but they at least stayed up.)

On the way home we were talking with Logan about how we would have to take a picture of him with his car so we could put it on Facebook and our family could see.  Logan was all for this in the car, not so much after we got home.

Ah well.  We still had a fun night, even if we were exhausted at the end.

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