Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentine Wreath, part deux

So, I had already made one wreath for Valentine's Day and figured that would keep my obsession at bay until Easter (when I already know what kind of wreath I'm making).

I was wrong.

I kept seeing decorations using conversation hearts.  Wreaths, picture frames, and various other items.  While browsing through a different Dollar Tree than the one I usually visit, I found some foam wreath forms.  See, my Dollar Tree doesn't carry them so if I want to make a wreath I have to make a special trip to Michael's.  Well I, of course, picked one up from The Dollar Tree (looking back I really should have gotten more than one; it is an obsession after all).  I then decided to give in and buy some conversation hearts to make a wreath with.

*By the way, I think the reason I have a wreath obsession is because I don't have a lot of surfaces I can put decorations on.  However, there are doors all over my house and by hanging a wreath for whatever holiday is going on, I can still feel like I've done some holiday decorating.*

So on my next trip to Wal-Mart I scoped the Valentine candy aisle to find some conversation hearts.  However, Wal-Mart only had the traditional hearts in individual boxes, not in bags.  I knew that one blogger who made a conversation heart wreath used 2 bags of candy, so I wasn't sure how many boxes that would translate to.  In the end I settled for "Dazzle" hearts which are basically the same as the original but come in different colors, have a sparkly finish, and came in bags.  I also grabbed some purple ribbon while I was there.

Once I got home I wrapped the whole wreath form in the purple ribbon.  Many people had suggested this to keep the ugly green foam from showing through the gaps.  I then whipped out my handy glue gun and started gluing the hearts on.  I first did one line all the all way around taking care to not put the same colors next to each other and making sure they were all facing the same way.  Then, working from the first line I added more rows, again making sure to keep the same colors away from each other (as much as I could).  After what felt like an endless amount of time gluing those little hearts on I declared myself done.  I didn't fill in around all the edges or on the back - I felt like that would be something of a waste of time since no one would be able to see it and if the wreath bounced against the door I didn't want to end up with candy crumbs all over the floor. 

I then unrolled the remainder of my ribbon, which wasn't much, and made a hanger.  I took the wreath upstairs and hung it on the kids' bathroom door so we can see it from downstairs too.  I'm pretty pleased with how it turned I just have to figure out how to store it for next year.

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