Monday, February 14, 2011

Musical Beds

This weekend the kids and I played a fun game called Musical Beds.  What?  You've never heard of this game?  Let me tell you how it goes:

  1. We all started the night by falling asleep in our own beds.
  2. Around 1:00 am Grace joined Joey and I in our bed.
  3. Around 2:30 am Logan also decided to join us in our bed.
  4. Since there is not room for us all to sleep comfortably in one bed, Logan and I went upstairs to sleep in the guest bed instead.
  5. Around 3:45 am Grace came to the guest bed looking to sleep with me.
  6. Since there is not room for the three of us to sleep comfortably in the guest bed, Grace and I went to sleep in her bed instead.
  7. Being incredibly uncomfortable, I moved back to my own bed pretty quickly.
  8. Logan came down to sleep in my bed again.
  9. Grace then also came back down so she and I went back upstairs to the guest bed.
  10. We quickly realized that Logan had abandoned the guest bed since it was now "wet."
  11. Grace and I moved back to her bed.
  12. After sleeping for a bit, Grace was up and at 'em shortly before six, soon joined by Logan.  The two of them played quietly.
  13. I moved back to my bed and slept somewhat peacefully until approximately 9:00 am when the kids decided I'd slept long enough.  So began my day.
This is a thrilling game with never ending possibilities.  For example, last night (in a shortened version):

  1. We all started the night by falling asleep in our own beds.
  2. Grace came down to join Joey and I in our bed.
  3. I took Grace back upstairs and put her in the guest bed going back to my own bed by myself.
  4. Logan came down to join Joey and I in our bed.
  5. After fighting a bit, I got him back up the stairs and into his own bed.
  6. We all slept peacefully until normal wake up time.
Disclaimer #1: Last night was only shortened due to my promise before they went to sleep last night that if they stayed in their own beds all week they would each get a surprise at the end of the week.  This made it less tricky to get Grace back upstairs, but didn't help with Logan, who still put up a pretty good fight.

Disclaimer #2: This does not happen every night, just most nights.  Sometimes we all sleep the whole night through, or Logan, at least, stays in his bed all night.  Lately, Grace rarely stays in her own bed all night.  We're working on it.   The key is to ALWAYS take them straight back to their beds when they come down.  However, this momma does not always wake up enough to care or to get out of bed.  Like I said, it's a work in progress.

For a complete set of rules please e-mail mrowe@Ican'

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