Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Coffee Filter Wreath

I follow like, 100, different blogs (okay - that might be an exaggeration...maybe).  A lot of them are craft blogs and have inspired me to attempt some craftiness.

One thing I found was a coffee filter wreath.  I decided this would be a good project for me to attempt since a) it was cheap, and b) it was easy.  For the life of me I can't remember which blog had the version I used, but I did also see it at TheLittleBrownHouse.  For my version I used the following items:

The Little Brown House uses a foam floral wreath and pins to stick the coffee filters in.  I knew I wanted to use hot glue to stick them on (a la the mystery blog), so I bought a flat flat wreath at Michaels, along with some ribbon, a letter R (for Rowe), and some paint for the R.  I visited 4 different grocery stores before I found the "natural" coffee filters. 

To make this I simply took a coffee filter, folded it in half (gently - no need for perfect lines), twisted the end of the filter, put some hot glue on it, and stuck it to the wreath.

I did one row along the outside leaving enough room between each for another filter.  I then went back and added one in the empty spaces.  Then I did one more row kind of on the bottom, kind of on top of the first rows.  Also, about halfway through I tied some ribbon around the wreath so in the end it would be hidden under the filters.

After all the gluing this is what I ended up with:

I LOVE IT!!!  Here's another shot:

I intended to put the R in the bottom right part of the wreath, which I tried, it just didn't turn out so well.  It was a little heavy to stick to paper.  My other dilemma came when it was time to hang it.  I thought I'd use one of my Christmas wreath holders.  However, the only one that will work with the front door (allowing it to still close) was gold with jingle bells.  Um, no.  But I couldn't stand to wait to get something for it.  So, cue the duck tape.  That's right, folks.

 I pulled the ribbon over the top of the door and duck taped it in place.  You can only tell from the inside, and if you're in my home, I'm probably okay with you knowing my sticky secret.

All in all, I made this project for less than $10, and I totally adore it.  Which to me is a win.


Catherine said...

It looks great! My trick for hanging a wreath with ribbon is to put one of the cheap, easy-off white hooks on the back of the door and then tie the ribbon to that. It's still not 100% what I want, but it might be better than duct tape:)

Michelle said...

Thanks, Cat. That is what I will get - I just couldn't wait to get it. :-)

Laura said...

This is adorable! You're so creative.