Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Extra Kids

Or as Logan called it, a sleepover.

That's right.  For the first time in his 7.5 years, Logan had a sleepover.  Not one, but two boys stayed at our house this past Saturday night.  They are all in Cub Scouts together, but each at different levels.  Their mom is the Treasurer and she came over Saturday afternoon so I could help her get some spreadsheets straightened out.  Then we took all four kids to the park by our house. 

Then, after listening to the kids whine a bit, we realized we hadn't eaten since the Cub Scout pancake breakfast that morning.  So we headed over to Chick Fil A for some yummy chicken and ice cream cones and time for the kids to play in the kiddie area.

While there, Logan and his friends started begging to let them stay the night at our house.  I didn't take much convincing.  Their mom was very adamant about not letting them if it was a bad night, but goodness knows we didn't have anything going on.  Plus, she was planning on coming back Sunday afternoon anyway for some more Treasurer help.

All the boys did really well.  The youngest, a first grader, went back and forth playing with Grace or Logan, while the oldest, a fourth grader, stuck more to himself and played video games.  Logan switched back and forth between both boys.  Grace was enamored since Ethan (the youngest) even played Barbies with her (he later claimed she made him).  Logan had some trouble remembering to share the Wii.  He likes playing it, so anytime he got a turn it became him playing, and no taking turns.  But with anything else they played, they all did great, even managing to include Gracie quite a bit.

I think by the time their mom got back the next day they were all pretty worn out.  Ethan fell asleep waiting for her to finish the Treasurer stuff, Tyler (the older boy) had a bit of a meltdown after learning we weren't going back to the park that day, and Grace fell asleep at 6:00 pm in the recliner.

It was a fun time, I just wish I'd taken a few more pictures to document the event.  Below is the only one I have, of the kids shortly after they woke up.

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