Monday, October 22, 2012

Calm Weekend

Our past few weekends have been busy with a capital B.  We've either had visitors or been camping, both leaving little time for the normal weekend activities.  (Not complaining, just been running out of time lately.)

This weekend we didn't have any plans.  Finally a weekend where I could just concentrate on catching up, in anticipation of another weekend spent outdoors.

  • On my way home from work Friday I stopped and rented a movie for Grace (Coraline), and Just Dance 4 for Logan (which he requested).  After an easy chili dinner we danced for a while.  It's so much fun, and I'm so bad at it.
  • My BFF from fourth grade and beyond called in the middle of our dance party and effectively distracted me.  We talked for over an hour and it made me realize how much I miss having close friends close by.
  • Saturday morning I slept in just a bit, had cereal for breakfast, and took Grace to gymnastics.  Afterwards we stopped by Wal-Mart and piddled around.  When we got home we hung out for a while until...
  • We went to the kids Fall Festival for their school.  We walked over around 4:30 and played a bunch of dinky little games that they loved and got bags of candy for playing.  They each got to make their own candle; Logan made a football goal and Grace made a little bulletin board courtesy of Home Depot; we each got a cupcake from a local bakery that won Cupcake Wars on Food Network; we took a little hayride; they had the obligatory inflatable slide that the kids love; and we ended the day with frozen ice.  They had a blast and it always amazes me how many kids my children know.
  • We finished Saturday with meat loaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner while watching the new episodes of iCarly, Big Time Rush, and Victorious on Nickelodeon.
  • Sunday morning I got to sleep until almost 9, which is when the dog decided she'd had enough and I needed to get up.  I made a Cinnabon coffee cake for breakfast (which isn't as impressive as it sounds - it's from a box I bought at Sam's). 
  • We carved pumpkins and roasted pumpkin seeds (which the kids said were yummy).
  • I mowed the grass (which I declare will not be done again until the spring).
  • We picked up all the accumulated mess and vacuumed all the floors.  Grace even did some dusting.
  • I did all the laundry and even managed to get it put away (the hard part, if you ask me).
  • I made a pumpkin pie, which was yummy.
  • Joey made corned beef in the crock pot, which was also yummy.
  • We finished the day with bubble baths for the kids and Homeland for mommy.  It was a good weekend.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Car Trouble

Last week I noticed my car was making a weird squeaking noise, so I decided it would be a good idea to drive Joey's car until we could have it checked out. 

There is a set of hooks near the front door where we hang backpacks, purses, and keys.  On Friday morning I go to grab his keys and they're not there.  I'm in a hurry to get out the door (of course) so I go grab the spare keys, run out to the car, and start it up.

Well, try to start it up.  It won't start.  Dang it!  Being that I'm in a hurry I don't have time for this mess so I run back in the house, tell Joey the problem, get my keys, and take off in my car.  Joey realizes that the car battery is fine, it's something stupid with the security system which we've had a problem with before.  Thus begins another search for the primary set of keys.  We also realize that our GPS is nowhere to be found. 

Neither of these items have been located.  Joey's car is just chillin' in the driveway.  He called a Pontiac dealer and they faxed some instructions to fix the security problem.  The dealer said they work 80% of the time. Based on our history, I'm guessing we're in the 20%, but we'll see.  I haven't tried it yet. 

Last night we had a family outing to dinner and do some shopping.  When we got home Joey took my keys to open the front door and then hung them on the hooks.  When we were done getting everything out of the car I got the keys from the hook, locked my car, and put the keys back on the hook.

This morning my keys are not on the hook.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??!!  I am now convinced there is some weirdo sneaking into our house at night and hiding our keys.  I can not locate the spare set of keys for my car.  Thankfully, after some frantic searching and Logan suggesting we hot wire the car, I find the keys.  Apparently they dropped into a purse I'm not using.

I'm considering putting some kind of tracker on our keys, but I'd probably lose that too.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I have worn glasses since sixth grade, which at this point means I've been wearing them for a little more than 20 years.  (Damn, I'm old). 

I have worn contacts since ninth grade.

From the moment I got contacts I abandoned my glasses.  I hated them.  They were ugly.  I only wore them at night after I'd taken my contacts out, until I woke up in the morning and put my contacts back in.  This continued until this year, my 33rd.

My eyes had been bothering me and it would have been really nice to take the contacts out and wear glasses for a while.  However, I have had my glasses since some time in college.  The prescription was more than a little out of date.  So I finally got some new ones.  That I love.  And I've been wearing them pretty regularly ever since.  To the point where yesterday, when I wore my contacts to work, I looked in the mirror and thought I looked strange without my glasses.

Funny how things change.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


That title means it's cold?  Didja get that?

Temperatures here in Charlotte plummeted on Sunday and this week, especially the first few days, has been super chilly.  Every night we've had "discussions" about what is okay to wear to school right now.  Momma thinks pants and long sleeves, maaaaybe short sleeves.  Definitely a jacket in the mornings when it's chilliest.

After some "discussion" Grace is pretty easy to get on board with my thinking.  My darling, stubborn, much smarter than me, nine year old, does not see my wisdom.

Monday was the coldest day, and it was pretty easy to get him in pants and long sleeves.  Tuesday he argued that he'd gotten hot on Monday at recess and so he really couldn't wear pant and long sleeves again.  So we compromised and he wore shorts, long sleeves, and a jacket.  On Wednesday he did the same thing.  However, today, he was done with it and wore short sleeves and shorts.  Granted, it is a bit warmer so I'm mostly okay with the progession.

However, it is still pretty cold in the morning.  This morning he got himself grounded from TV for four days (which I'll probably never enforce, but still) because he argued against wearing a jacket so much.  Apparently when I tell him to do something he doesn't like, it translates to "Argue with mommy, make her mad, and then she'll changed her mind" in his head.  In the end, he got out of the car wearing the jacket.

And then I froze my tushy off walking from my car to my office this morning because I forgot my jacket.

Isn't it ironic?

Monday, October 8, 2012

Scratchy Eyes

On October 1 I took Grace to the surgery center in our eye doctor's building to have the teeny metal speck and rust ring removed from her eye.  We had to wait only a few minutes before we were called back.  First they weighed her and checked her height, then took her temperature, blood pressure, and pulse.  Then they asked that she take off her clothes and put on the hospital gown.  She didn't like the idea of taking off her underwear, but she cooperated.

The nurses then came back and informed us that the doctor's first surgery didn't show up so there were going to hustle to get us back quickly.  Then came the series of eye drops. 

Grace has always done well with eye drops.  Logan has always hated eye drops.  For the first set she did pretty well.  Then there was the second set.  And the third.  Let's just say she wasn't a happy camper after them.  Then they gave her a little cup of medicine to drink.  It was supposed to make her a little loopy, thereby making the separation portion of our day less painful.  The nurse told her to take it like a shot.

Seriously?  She's six.  I informed the nurse that Grace had no idea what that even meant, considering we don't do shots at our house.

After a few minutes of cuddling, they were ready to take her back.  And dang it if she didn't cry and I felt miserable.  I mean, she would survive with the little thing in her eye, right?  Let's just go home.  But they took her anyway I managed to hold in the tears.

I waited about 30 minutes before the doctor came out to tell me everything went great.  He got the rust cleaned out and gave her a very thorough eye exam and her eyes looked great.  He said when she woke up her eye may feel itchy, but some Tylenol and a cold washcloth should help.  After another 10 minutes, the nurse came and got me to take me back.

Well, when I got to her bed she was crying, fussing because her eye hurt, saying she couldn't see.  In short, she was a mess and more than a little out of sorts.  I tried to hold her, but after a few seconds she would just flop back on the pillow like it wasn't even worth the effort.  Eventually, the nurse gave her some Tylenol, a wet washcloth, and a popsicle, and she started to calm down a bit.  She was still fussy, just a little less so.  She was extrememly unhappy about the IV needle in her hand, altough Lord knows she couldn't actually feel it.  She just minded the idea of it.

Then the nurse mentioned that the Tylenol had a mild sedative in it so she should take a good nap when we got home.  I was finally able to get her dressed and we wheeled her out to the car.  She was out like a light on the ride home and slept about 2 hours after that.  She was okay when she woke up and had a little something to eat.  It was easy to tell the second the Tylenol wore off, though.  Once I drugged her up again (without the sedative) she was fine.

The rest of the day was lazy, which was what she needed.  We went and picked up Taco Bell for dinner at her request.  She told me later that after I left her they put a mask over her face and told her it would smell like nail polish.  The next thing she knew they were offering her popsicles before I reappeared.  A week later I think she's forgotten all about it.

And life goes on.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Honesty is the Best Policy

Logan told me this morning that I need Procative.

Adult acne sucks.

So do children who are too honest.

Monday, September 24, 2012


This morning I took Miss Gracie back to the eye doctor so he could try to remove the teeny tiny piece of metal and accompanying rust from her eye.  They gave her 3 eye drops to numb her eye, then had her put her chin in the chinrest (if you've had an eye exam you should know what I'm talking about).  While she was (supposed to be) watching TV he lined everything up and tried to put a teeny tiny drill in (on?) her eye to clean the stuff out.  It was a seriously small thing, the size of a paperclip.

Still though, dude came at her to put it in her eye.  And she did so awesome that he was able to do it, but only a little.  The minute she even thought about getting upset he backed away and said no more, for which I was grateful.  She was holding my hand, but I was squeezing hers (hard).

We'll go back again next Monday when they'll use anesthesia to put her to sleep, and then clean it up totally.  I don't think it really hurt her, just the idea of it was unpleasant.

When we left we stopped by Wal-Mart and she got to pick out 2 toys.  Because I was incredibly proud of my brave little girl today.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bye Bye Birdie

Last night the kids and I didn't get home until about 7:30.  I took the dog out, slapped together something to eat (because it wasn't really dinner), and played cards with the kids.  I sat down in Grace's bed to read with the kids around 8:30.  Logan got up just a couple pages in to get something from the kitchen. He announced that Molly had peed on the floor in the living room.  Apparently she needed to go out again and wasn't interested in waiting.  So I left Grace reading her book and let Molly out.  While she was doing her business I went to clean up the pee.  By the time I came back to let her in I couldn't find her.  Assuming she'd gone around the side of the house and to the front door I closed the back door and went to the front door.

I pulled it open and was greeted with birds flapping their wings right outside my front door.  For a minute, I was very confused, since it was nighttime and shouldn't they be asleep?  I quickly got over that and tried to shut the door again.  One bird flew back in to the night, and the other flew into my house.

In to my house.

Are you kidding me?!  The area above our front door is kind of tall so it flapped around there for a minute before coming back to the floor, in the corner behind the door by a small chest of drawers.  And there it sat.  Which admittedly is much better than it flying around the house.

At this point the kids are completely freaked out (I must admit this wasn't my most calm moment either).  Logan has gone into his room and locked the door (I'm still not sure why locking it helped, the bird couldn't open a door as far as I know).  Gracie is standing in her doorway crying, because that's what she does when she's scared.  And I'm standing completely helpless, wondering what the heck I'm supposed to do, and vaguely remembering that I still haven't found the dog (although I figure dog trying to eat bird would probably make this situation much worse).

Since the bird is sitting still I go to the back door again to see if Molly has reappeared.  She hasn't.  Crap.  I go back to the front door to check on our birdie friend.  The kids inform me that the bird flew toward the front door.  Relieved, I look around, don't see the bird, and praise the Lord that it's gone.  I close the front door and turn my attention to the missing dog.  I grab a flashlight, turn on all outside lights, and head out front with the kids pretty well attached to me, since they're both still kind of freaked out (admittedly, so was I).

Still no dog.


Back through the house to the backyard and finally I spot Molly wandering around up by the hill behind our house.  I think she is paying me back for not taking her out sooner by ignoring the many times I've called her.  I leave the kids by the back door and wrangle Molly.  We're no sooner in the door than Grace informs me that she just saw the bird flying around.


Yup, birdie is still chilling inside my house.  I didn't see it earlier because I didn't look up.  Which is where it is, on the chain thing holding the light.

The bird probably thinks we're crazy (which we probably are).  Logan points out that we've been walking underneath the bird. Yes, many times.  Thank God it didn't poop on us.

So now I'm faced with how the heck do I get it out of my house?  I go outside through the garage and open the front door (because I don't want to walk under the bird to open the door from the inside).  Back inside the kids and I stare at the bird willing it to fly out the wide open front door right in front of it.  I'm scared to try to shoo it out with a broom or something because I don't want it to get excited and fly further in to the house.  So far it's stayed right by the front door and I'd like to keep it that way.

Finally, finally, it flies out.  I slam the front door and breathe a sigh of relief.

Except now I've got to clean bird poop off the wall.

*No birds (or people) (or dogs) were harmed in the making of this post. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Four Eyes

Today Grace visited the eye doctor for the first time.  When she had her annual checkup a few weeks ago (we're late, don't judge me) she had a little trouble with her left eye so they said we should think about taking her to the eye doctor.  I decided to put it off a bit since Joey's in Kentucky and all.  However, I feel like she pulls the book up close to her face when we read at night.  Since I had to call to cancel an appointment for Joey, I figured I'd go ahead and make one for Grace, but expected we wouldn't be able to get in until October or November.  Surprisingly, they had an appointment for 9 a.m. today (because of a cancellation), so I grabbed it.

It turns out, her vision is really good, just a slight astigmatism in her left eye.  However, he found that there is a small (teeny, tiny) speck of metal in her right eye and it has a ring of rust around it.  That's right - she has rusting metal hanging out in her right cornea.  We get to go back on Monday, he'll numb her eye, and try to remove the metal.  If she can't handle him poking in her eye while it's numb, we'll get to go back again and he'll "put her under" so he can get it out.

And that's today's completely weird and random Rowe family happening.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Kids These Days

The other night Logan did an impression of the guy from Toy Story (Emperor Zurg) saying "I am your father."  Yes, the guy from Toy Story, not Star Wars.  I think I need to get those movies for him, he'd probably really like them.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Growing Up

My little Logan is 9 now so he is apparently too old for a kids meal anymore.  He now insists on ordering from the adult menu.

When my mom and her husband, Pete, were here a few weeks ago we went to Fatz Cafe.  Logan wanted to order off the adult menu so he got a club sandwich with mashed potatoes.  While we were waiting he ate 3 rolls and some of my salad.  When his food got there he attacked the mashed potatoes.  After all that, he barely touched the sandwich.  Fail.

Last night at Burger King he got a Whopper Jr. combo (cause momma wouldn't let him get the full Whopper that he wanted).  He had no trouble eating that, in between all his yapping.  Boy eats slow like his momma, because he yaps, like his momma.

P.S. He still pauses to consider what toy they're offering with the kid meal, so I guess he's not completely moved on yet.  He told me last night that there just isn't enough food in the kids meal for him, though.


You know how when your foot (or arm, or leg, or whatever) falls asleep?  Grace Clementine calls it "spriting."  I don't know why she calls it this or where it came from, but I like it.  Right now, my foot is spriting and it's driving me crazy.