Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Booby-Shakes

For my birthday my mom got me a gift certificate to Victoria's Secret.  I finally made it to the mall this past Sunday with the kids.  I told the kids that first we had to go in a store to get mommy a new bra.  As soon as Logan heard this he groaned and said he didn't want to (how did he learn this avoidance already?). 

We walked in the store and Grace said, "Mommy, is this where you're getting your booby shakes?"

That's right.  For reasons unknown to me, Grace has decided that instead of calling it a bra she's going with booby shakes.  She's done this for a while now. 

And no, I don't shake my boobs in any way for her to get this idea, either in front of or away from her.

So, have you bought any new booby shakes lately?

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