Thursday, July 29, 2010

Makin' a Splash

On the first official day of our vacation we went to SomerSplash Water Park in Somerset.  This was added long after I left Somerset, and the only time I've seen it was in the building stage.  I thought we'd have fun and I knew the kids would enjoy it.

I wasn't sure if Logan would do any of the slides.  He has been known to be timid sometimes when trying new things, but Logan, Jessica, Dalton, and I walked up all the steps (all...the...steps) and stood at the top of a set of three slides trying to figure out which slide to go down.  I suggested Logan take the yellow slide, since it seemed to be the level one stage.  He surprised me my going right on down.  I could watch him from the top and saw his huge grin as he came around the first time and heard him talking and laughing the second time I saw him.  I followed him down and remembered how much fun it was.

At the bottom, both he and Dalton were eager to go again so we walked back up all the steps (all...the...steps).  Logan took the red one this time, which was level two of three and loved it again.  I was so surprised, but so delighted!  We rejoined the group after this and spent some time in the wave pool, which I didn't care for.  Personally, I like it fine - trying to make sure my kids aren't drowning, I didn't like it at all.  I convinced Grace and Breanna that we should go to the kiddie pool/play area.  There were three little slides (which were actually pretty fun for adults too) and a lot of water shooting things surrounded by a pretty shallow pool.  The girls, and even the boys, had a blast.

This is where Grace surprised me, though.  Jessica and I were sitting in the water watching the kids play and Grace ducks her head right under and swims over to me.  What?!  And she did it over and over again.  I was so proud of her.  I have no idea where she learned it since it wasn't something they covered in the swim class, but she has done it since in deeper water, so I know it's for real.  What a fish!

Jessica and I then went around the lazy river a couple of times.  While we were there we saw Becky, Dalton, Kaleb, and Logan in line for the slide where you swirl around in the bowl before shooting out the bottom.  We decided to go there next, but as we're walking up the steps we can't find Logan and the gang so we assumed we'd missed them.  Not so!  All of a sudden Becky and Kaleb shoot into the bowl on a double tube, followed next by Logan and Dalton.  We got to watch them swirl around and see their big grins, which is funny since that's the only way we could've seen them.

We finished the day with more play time in the kiddie area and went home tired and hungry.  It was a great day. 

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