Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Proposal (part deux)

On Friday July 2 I checked my e-mail to find one from my mother's boyfriend.  It was to my sisters and I letting us know that he intended to ask mom to marry him in the not so distant future.  I thought it nice that he did that, and also appropriate that he wasn't asking our permission.  They are grown ups after all.  My sisters and I responded that we had expected that for a while and were happy them.  I also made the minor request to avoid tax season as a time for the wedding.

That evening I got a phone call from mom.  We chatted about our upcoming vacations (me to Kentucky and she to Canada) for a bit, and of course the kids.  Then she somewhat shyly said that she thought Pete was going to ask her to marry him while they were on vacation.  I had to stifle a laugh as I remembered the e-mail I received earlier that day.  She told me how she thought it would happen and I had to monitor my responses to not give anything away.  We hung up with the promise that she would call if anything happened.

Thursday evening of the next week I got "the call."  Pete had asked her to marry him that day as they took a break from kayaking (not at all what her scenario to me had been).  She sounded very giddy as she described the ring to me (diamond with a solitaire on each side), and reassured me they probably wouldn't do it during tax season. 

All in all, I'm very happy for them and will pray in the meantime that if I'm a part of the wedding I won't have to wear a bouffant dress.

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REBECCA said...

I promise no bouffant dresses for anyone! In fact, it will be just the opposite. A very casual and fun event!

Thanks for the beautiful post.

Love you Michelle