Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Walk Down Memory Lane

On the last day of my recent vacation in Bronston, KY I decided it was time to do some exploring of my old stomping grounds.  I took Logan, Grace, and my niece Breanna along for the ride.

Our first stop was at Haney's Appledale Farm.  It's an apple farm (obviously) that has been around probably longer than me.  We used to take field trips there to pick apples when I was little.  I really wanted some apples, but apparently peaches are in season now.  So I got a bag of those and some apple butter (which Joey has eaten almost all of).

First we went to my dad's grave site.  He's buried in Mill Springs National Cemetery in Nancy, KY since he fought in Vietnam.  Although I think fought isn't really the right word.  To the best of my knowledge (and it's not too great in the first place) I don't think he did any actual fighting.  I could be wrong though. 

Anywho, I took pictures of the headstone and the kids and then we wandered around the cemetery a bit.  Logan thought it was pretty cool to look at the old headstones, some of which even had pictures on them.
I also found a registry that lists all the people buried.  And found dad on it.

After we were done looking around (and thankfully avoided the coming rain) we headed to McDonald's for a quick lunch and some playtime in the Play Place.  After that we stopped by Wildcat Warehouse because I have wanted something UK to go on the back of my car.  We left with a UK magnet and a t-shirt for Logan.  As soon as we got in the car it began pouring rain.  And pouring doesn't even do it justice.  You couldn't even see to drive...but I did anyway. 

Our next stop was at the house I grew up in.
A lot has changed since I lived there - we didn't have a garage or a fenced in back yard (although we didn't need a fenced in back yard, either).  There used to be bigger bushes in front of the house and one is now missing.  We also used to have a rhododendron to the right of the garage.  And you'll have to excuse the minor blurriness of the picture - it was still raining.

Then we went to my friend Robyn's new salon.  I didn't take any pictures, but it was super cute.  Very clean and fresh feeling.  Robyn offers pedicures and manicures, as well as spray tanning.  I'm so proud of her.

This concluded our day out in Somerset.  It's so strange to go back to the place where you spent 20 something years of your life and see the changes.  But I guess I've changed too, so it's only fair.

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