Thursday, July 15, 2010

We'll See

Since Grace's return from Kentucky I'm trying to get her back into the routine of sleeping in her own bed all night, by herself.  Last night she was upset as I was trying to leave her so she said, "Will you sleep with me tomorrow mommy?" tears and all.  Trying not to upset her further, but knowing that wasn't going to happen I replied "We'll see."

"No mommy! Don't say 'we'll see'!  That means you won't do it!" my smarty pants little lady replied.  Uh oh.  She has me figured out.  I ended up telling her we were going swimming tonight after we got home and she had to have enough rest for it, which calmed her down and she eventually went to sleep.  After she was pulling her socks off her feet and her hand got flung into the wall behind hurting her 'fumb'.  It was a long night.  But we're getting there.

*She has also taken to not wanting to wear pajamas to bed. Or anything else except her pull up.  I know this wasn't something she picked up at my in-laws so I'm not sure where she got this idea.  I just go along with it.  I mean really, what is it hurting.

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