Friday, June 11, 2010

Little Nemos

In April Logan and Grace took swimming lessons.  Both of them had 4 Saturday lessons - Grace's were a half hour, and Logan's were 45 minutes. 

Grace LOVED the first lesson, but faded for the next ones.  She seemed to lose interest in following the structure and was more interested in doing her own thing.  (Just another example of her personality.)  Grace is my fearless child so when the teacher lined them up to jump in the first day, Grace was ready to go and jumped straight in.  Overall, I'm not sure how much skill she gained, but I feel better knowing she's at least got a start.

Logan is my timid child who likes to check things out before getting involved.  I expected to struggle with him just to get him in the water the first day.  I was pleasantly surprised, though, when he pulled the flippers on, snapped the goggles in place, and got right in.  He paid attention and did all of the activities without any fuss and in the end was very proud of himself.  He seemed to learn a lot, and especially gained some confidence in the water.  In the few times we've been to the pool this summer I can see that he's more comforatble in the water.

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