Thursday, October 11, 2012


That title means it's cold?  Didja get that?

Temperatures here in Charlotte plummeted on Sunday and this week, especially the first few days, has been super chilly.  Every night we've had "discussions" about what is okay to wear to school right now.  Momma thinks pants and long sleeves, maaaaybe short sleeves.  Definitely a jacket in the mornings when it's chilliest.

After some "discussion" Grace is pretty easy to get on board with my thinking.  My darling, stubborn, much smarter than me, nine year old, does not see my wisdom.

Monday was the coldest day, and it was pretty easy to get him in pants and long sleeves.  Tuesday he argued that he'd gotten hot on Monday at recess and so he really couldn't wear pant and long sleeves again.  So we compromised and he wore shorts, long sleeves, and a jacket.  On Wednesday he did the same thing.  However, today, he was done with it and wore short sleeves and shorts.  Granted, it is a bit warmer so I'm mostly okay with the progession.

However, it is still pretty cold in the morning.  This morning he got himself grounded from TV for four days (which I'll probably never enforce, but still) because he argued against wearing a jacket so much.  Apparently when I tell him to do something he doesn't like, it translates to "Argue with mommy, make her mad, and then she'll changed her mind" in his head.  In the end, he got out of the car wearing the jacket.

And then I froze my tushy off walking from my car to my office this morning because I forgot my jacket.

Isn't it ironic?

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