Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Growing Up

My little Logan is 9 now so he is apparently too old for a kids meal anymore.  He now insists on ordering from the adult menu.

When my mom and her husband, Pete, were here a few weeks ago we went to Fatz Cafe.  Logan wanted to order off the adult menu so he got a club sandwich with mashed potatoes.  While we were waiting he ate 3 rolls and some of my salad.  When his food got there he attacked the mashed potatoes.  After all that, he barely touched the sandwich.  Fail.

Last night at Burger King he got a Whopper Jr. combo (cause momma wouldn't let him get the full Whopper that he wanted).  He had no trouble eating that, in between all his yapping.  Boy eats slow like his momma, because he yaps, like his momma.

P.S. He still pauses to consider what toy they're offering with the kid meal, so I guess he's not completely moved on yet.  He told me last night that there just isn't enough food in the kids meal for him, though.

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Becky Huettl said...

Thank you for coming back to your blog. I have missed you!