Monday, September 24, 2012


This morning I took Miss Gracie back to the eye doctor so he could try to remove the teeny tiny piece of metal and accompanying rust from her eye.  They gave her 3 eye drops to numb her eye, then had her put her chin in the chinrest (if you've had an eye exam you should know what I'm talking about).  While she was (supposed to be) watching TV he lined everything up and tried to put a teeny tiny drill in (on?) her eye to clean the stuff out.  It was a seriously small thing, the size of a paperclip.

Still though, dude came at her to put it in her eye.  And she did so awesome that he was able to do it, but only a little.  The minute she even thought about getting upset he backed away and said no more, for which I was grateful.  She was holding my hand, but I was squeezing hers (hard).

We'll go back again next Monday when they'll use anesthesia to put her to sleep, and then clean it up totally.  I don't think it really hurt her, just the idea of it was unpleasant.

When we left we stopped by Wal-Mart and she got to pick out 2 toys.  Because I was incredibly proud of my brave little girl today.

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