Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Walk to Conquer Chiari

This past Saturday was the Walk to Conquer Chiari here in Charlotte, NC (this is the disease Joey has). 
(Grace, Joey, and Logan right before we went in)

We registered when we got there and were given t-shirts to wear.  I was not expecting this and had let Grace wear a dress that day.  The shirt she got was just as long as the dress she already had on.  It was an interesting combination.  We also got beads (and we didn't even have to flash anyone for them).  Joey got purple beads since he is the one with the disease, and the kids and I got gold beads since we are the supporters.

We had gotten there very early (cause that's how Joey rolls) so we killed some time playing on the football field.  Logan loved "playing" football.
(running in for the TD)

And Grace had fun trying to figure out those weird purple things that looked like people.

The kids were also amused by the bleachers so they ran to the top and said "Mommy, when we go to a real game we want to sit at the top cause it's the best."  They crack me up.

Finally it was starting time.  The event coordinator spoke a bit and then the mayor pro tem read a proclomation from the mayor declaring September 18, 2010 Arnold Chiari Malformation day in Charlotte. (Fancy, right?)

We all then began walking.  Joey's goal was to get at least halfway around the track, which I tried to discourage because I was afraid he couldn't do it.  However, he complete a whole lap making us all proud.

All in all, it was a fun day and nice to be able to support a disease that most doctors, let alone peoople, have never even heard of.  Of course, following up the walk with lunch at Bob Evan's was pretty sweet too.
(me and Joey)

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