Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Free Time

This Friday my mom and my sister Jessica are coming to visit. And then on Sunday they are leaving and taking my children with them to stay with my in-laws. For three weeks. I'm incredibly excited about this. This is what I'm excited about:
  • Shopping when I want, without aggravation. I might even go to the mall just to walk around (okay, I'll probably end up buying something).
  • Doing yard work without keeping one eye on the kids and monitoring their friends who come over.
  • Not having to rush out of the office at 5 o'clock on the dot in order to get to daycare to pick them up by 6. (Granted, I probably won't need to stay past 5, but the possibility is nice.)
  • Time to use my massage gift certificate Joey got me for Mother's Day.
  • Getting up in the morning, getting ready, and leaving. No tangled hair or toothbrush haters to deal with.
  • Having a living room free of toys.

These are the things I'll miss:

  • Unexpected I love yous
  • Holding my Gracie
  • Hugs
  • Kisses goodnight
  • Little helpers who are so proud of themselves

The closest family we have is 7 hours away, so we don't have the opportunity to have time away from the kids very often. And for me, dealing with Joey's issues and the kids, I can get pretty worn out. So when we realized that we couldn't afford to keep Logan in daycare all summer, we turned to Joey's family who has helped us out many times. Together we decided that both kids would head to KY on June 13. Then, Joey and I will be going to KY on July 3 for vacation with his family. From there, we'll bring Gracie home with us. Unfortunately, Logan will probably stay in Salyersville through the end of July. Then in August he'll come home and life will get back to normal.

I know many people will think, "I can't imagine being away from my kids for 3 weeks!" I am apparently just not wired like that, though. Being away from them gives me a chance to relax and take care of me in a way I can't with the responsibilities that come with them and Joey. I love them dearly, but I know that absence will make the heart grow even fonder.

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