Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mr. Fix It

Long ago in the year 2002 Joey and I moved from our little two bedroom apartment into a three bedroom trailer.  Our apartment came with a washer and dryer, so the move meant we needed to acquire our own.  My mom helped us out and bought a washer and dryer for us.  They survived further moves to our house in Morehead and all the way to Charlotte, NC.  However, our dryer could not survive Joey's attempt to "fix" it.

For the past 8 or 9 months, the dryer hasn't been working quite right.  It stills dries the clothes, it just takes about a cycle and a half instead of only one.  Well, while I was driving to pick up his mom and Logan on Saturday, Joey decided to be helpful and do some laundry.  When the first load was finished with it's cycle in the dryer, it still needed some additional drying time.  Joey felt that this was probably due to an accumulation of lint, so he removed the lint trap and the piece that holds the lint trap in place.  He pulled some lint out, closed the door, and started it back up.

Did you spot the step he missed?

That's right - he didn't put the lint trap back.  So...soon he noticed that the dryer seemed to be getting very hot.  He realized that something was wrong so he opened the door and immediately saw the problem.  He realized something must have gotten sucked through the opening so he poked around and came up with a pair of my underwear.  He put the lint trap pieces back in and started it up again.  Still no go.  It still got very overheated. 

This is when he decided he needed to take it apart and try to find the problem, believing something else must be trapped in there.  And this was the beginning of the end.  Over the next three days he took apart what he could, vacuumed up all the lint he could, and still couldn't find...and therefore fix...the problem.  Finally he agreed to call someone to come look at it.  It was going to cost $75 for someone to look at it, and then $125 an hour to fix it.  For a dryer that's been in service for 8 years, he decided this was a no go and we should just get a new one.

So last night she was finally put to towrk.  And thank goodness, because I've already had to buy Gracie new underwear to get her through; I was getting ready to have to buy her new clothes as well.  So as you can imagine, the laundry is now piled up and ready to go.  And now, it will take a lot less time to get it dry.

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