Friday, August 27, 2010


L - loving - anytime my sweet boy wakes up, sees me after school, gets picked up, etc. he runs to me and gives me a big hug.  He wraps both his thin arms around my waist and squeezes.  I love this.
O - outstanding - he is such a great kid.  As he's grown up, he continues to be a better listener, helper, learner, reader. 
G - gentle - he is so compassionate when one of us is hurt/hurting, and if Grace is in trouble and crying, he'll go to her and say, "Hey baby, it's okay.  Your big brother is here."  It's the sweetest thing.
A - all boy - since he was able to grasp one is his little hand, the boy loves cars.  Little Matchbox cars, Nascar cars, construction trucks, rescue trucks, you name it, if it has wheels he loves it. 
N - neat - I don't really mean neat as in appearance (thought I do try to make sure he looks presentable).  I mean neat, like you should see this kid play.  One of his favorite things to do is have a race with his Nascar cars.  He moves them all in a straight line around the "track" and can't stand it if Grace comes along and messes the line up.

~ ~ ~
G - girlie - this little lady loves lip gloss, lotion, jewelry, princesses, baby dolls, etc.  If it's associated with being a girl, she's into it.  It's hilarious to watch her put lip gloss on - she doesn't confine it to her lips - it goes all the way around them too.  It's also amusing to watch her with her baby dolls - when she's really playing she'll carry them around on her hip and give them a "talk" when they fight.
R - rambuctious - for all her girlie ways, she can get right in there with the boys too.  She loves Logans legos and race cars, especially when he's playing with them.  She also got into trouble at school the other day for wrestling.  Wow.
A - active - this child doesn't slow down.  On occasion, she'll sit still to watch a cartoon, but it doesn't usually last longer than 30 minutes.  She's constanly wanting to do something.  Even after I put her to bed at night she can be heard singing or reading to herself.
C - cheerful - she has the sweetest smile, especially when she's trying not to smile.  And her laugh is so joyful.  It's fun to tickle her just to hear it.
E - exhausting - my little girl can completely wear me out.  Whether it's constantly wanting to be on the go, or whining until I want to pull my hair out, she always goes full throttle.

~ ~ ~
So these are my monkeys in a nutshell.  For all the ups and downs, I love them and who they are with every inch of my heart.

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