Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Saturday morning Grace and I got up, ate breakfast, and got ready to head out.  Our first stop was the Farmers Market in Charlotte.  I've never been, but I can promise I'll be going back.  It was awesome, with great prices and a great selection.  They even have a crafts portion which had lots of neat things.  We left with tomatoes, plums, bananas, apples, squash, zucchini, eggplant, onions, blueberries, a mango, an avocado, a cucumber, and a little homemade strawberry rhubarb pie.  Yummy.

We then drove halfway to Kentucky (Princeton, West Virginia) to meet Joey's sister, Becky, and her husband Eric, who brought Logan and Barb to meet us.  Logan has been gone for 8 weeks, and I was more than ready for him to come home.  He tried his shy game on me when I first saw him, but as soon as I got close enough, he gave me a big hug.  After my hug, Logan jumped right into the van and settled in.  It was nice to have butts in both the backseats again.

Due to late departure times on Saturday and a whole lot of traffic, we didn't get home until 8:30 that night.  The kids played for a bit and then it was off to bed.  Logan and I read books and then I tucked him in.  Since Mawmaw's arrival, Grace isn't very interested in me, so that's who put her to bed last night.

I had noticed that Logan was talking "funny" since I picked him up, but it was very pronounced when he read to me Saturday night.  I expected to hear a southern twang, but instead found out he left his "r"s in Kentucky.  I don't mean like "wobot" instead of robot, more like an English accent where he just doesn't say them.  I was totally annoyed by it and am constantly saying "talk right, Logan!"  It almost sounds like baby talk, which drives me crazy.

Logan woke me up with a hug Sunday morning.  I asked him what he wanted for breakfast, expecting to fix pancakes, his favorite.  He surprised me, however, by requesting scrambled eggs with ham.  And he ate every bite.

We sat around for a little bit and then took off to Sam's Club.  Joey's mom has a membership so anytime she visits we go.  However, this time she decided to get Joey and I an anniversary gift (it's coming up on the 17th) and bought us a membership.  I am super excited.

We then headed to Wal-Mart for school supplies since this weekend was our tax free weekend.  Even at 4:00 on Sunday afternoon that place was a madhouse.  I couldn't find everything Logan needs, but I couldn't take the madness anymore either, so we got a few other things we needed and headed out.

Joey woke me around 12:45 am last night saying "Logan's in the bathroom and he threw up."  Let me tell you, not a good way to be woken up.  I went upstairs to find Logan all teary eyed in a bathroom covered in yuck.  I'll just say - he ate a lot of blueberries that day.  He didn't seem to have a fever, so I sent him to lay down while I cleaned up the mess.  By the time I was done, he had fallen back asleep, so I went back to bed, too.

Sometime later in the night he came to my bedroom and woke me up wanting to get in my bed.  I let him, then asked how he was feeling.  He said, "I thought I had to throw up again so I was in the bathroom and laid down on the rug.  I guess I fell asleep cause then I woke up and was cold."  Poor baby.  He survived the rest of the night though, and seems to be okay today, so I'm thinking he just ate something (blue in color) that just didn't agree with him.

So that was our weekend.  I'm glad to have him home, but if I had known it would come with a bathroom covered in puke, I might have let him stay a little bit longer.

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