Monday, August 18, 2008

With Old Age Comes Memory Loss

So my baby girl turned 2 on May 14th. I was reminded of this as I was pulling in the parking lot to pick her up from daycare and my mom called to wish her a happy birthday. This was fortunate because when I went in to daycare they told me all about the birthday party they had for her. Pathetic, I know. I consider that one of my worst parenting moments. Who forgets their child's birthday? In my incredibly weak defense, my son was visiting my in-laws in KY and we planned to have a party for her at their house, as well as my moms, when we visited them at the end of May. So we weren't planning any big shin-dig as it was just me, Joey, and Grace. No excuse, but the only defense I have. So, after picking her up from daycare we headed straight to Target and bought her bunches of presents, the $3 bouncy ball being her favorite. Well, I'm sad to say, I've had another memory lapse. Yesterday, August 17th, was my 6 year wedding anniversary. My husband also forgot. Pathetic again, I know. I was coming in from taking the dog out around 6 pm and my mother in law (who's visiting) says, "I know what today is!" I looked at the calendar and said, "Yeah, it's August 17t..shit." Are you kidding me? She then headed in to our bedroom where my husband was and tells him happy anniversary. He said a few choice words expressing his disbelief that this day was actually a cause for celebration. He looked at me, asked if I remembered, and mumbled happy anniversary. You would think we would immediately head out the door to at least celebrate with a nice dinner out, but no. It had been a long day and he was feeling particularly bad, so he went to bed early, I finished my tasks around the house, and we fell asleep like normal.
We have never done big celebrations for our anniversary. There's always been something in our way to prevent us from the alone time necessary. I don't feel cheated out of anything by forgetting, I just worry that I've forgotten something else.

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