Thursday, August 21, 2008


Right now a lot of our focus is on Logan as he gets ready to start kindergarten, but our baby girl shocked us tonight. While I was with Logan at his school's open house, Gracie was coloring at the kitchen table as my mother in law cooked dinner. All of a sudden, Barb (my mother in law) realized Gracie was singing the ABCs. She stopped to listen as she sang the entire song without missing a letter. When I got home, she asked me if there was a reason I hadn't told her Gracie could sing her ABCs. Well, probably because I didn't know she could. I asked her to sing them for me and she did it again perfectly. Holy crap! I had no idea I had such a smarty! We decided she probably knew other things we didn't know about, so I asked her if she could say her numbers. Low and behold, she counted 1 to 10 as we sat there and listened. Who knows how long she's known these things, but at least we finally have something to show for the all the money we pay the daycare!

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