Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Year

On May 14 my sweet Grace Clementine turned five.  FIVE!  I can't believe my youngest baby is now old enough to go to school.  With all those big kids.  Wait...she's a big kid. 

Saturday morning (her actual birthday) she came to wake me up with a huge smile and said, "Today's my birthday!"  Since we'd been counting down since May 1, I wasn't surprised by this proclamation.  However, I was surprised by how long she let me sleep.  My wake up call came at 8.  However, I had a Cub Scout planning meeting to be at by 9 and had expected her visit to come earlier in the morning.  Since it didn't, she got a quick happy birthday and a hug, a bowl of cereal, and off I went to get ready and get out the door. 
Upon my return the kids and I loaded up and headed to Sam's to pick up her birthday cupcakes and snacks.  I told them we'd stop for ice cream.  I thought we would have the Edy's chocolate sundaes from Sam's, but unfortunately they ice cream machine was broken.  So instead, I decided to take them to Steak-n-Shake for milkshakes.  And for an extra treat, we'd go inside.  Well, as we're walking in they tell me that since we are going in they would have to have food too.  Greedy little boogers.  So dinner time it was.  They put us in the booth right next to where the server station is, so Gracie would stand up, look over the wall, and tell whomever happened to be standing there that is was her birthday.  EVERYone in that place knew whose day it was by the time we left.  Logan got an M & M shake, Grace had a hot fudge sundae on the house, I had a turtle milkshake, and we all left happy.

After we got home it was time for presents.  Aunt Catherine got her a Barbie car with a Barbie and the book Matilda; Grammy got her a new outfit and two sets of pajamas that she desperately needed (and loved); Aunt Gessa (Jessica) got her a lovely necklace; and Mawmaw and Poppy got her a Barbie house.  Mommy and daddy got her a new dress and a pillow pet, which she's been dieing to have.  She definitely loved all her presents.
On Sunday afternoon we went to Art Space Studio for Grace's birthday party.  Five of her little friends came and everyone got to paint their first initial.  We had cupcakes and ice cream, followed by presents, and fruit snacks.  I think everyone had a good time, but I was exhausted when it was done.  All in all, I think Grace really enjoyed her birthday this year.

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