Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Go Big Blue!

Just in time for the SEC tournament, a University of Kentucky wreath.

First I bought a pack of white coffee filters and an individual pack of blue fabric dye.  I filled my kitchen sink with water, added the blue dye, and then put in 50 (out of 100) coffee filters.
Once they'd soaked for a while, I took them out and laid them in my garage on newspaper to dry.  I didn't want to lay them directly on the ground for two reasons: (1) I didn't want them to get dirty and (2) I didn't want to turn the garage floor blue.  It didn't take them long to dry, but when I picked them up I realized some of them (not all) had absorbed some of the ink from the newspaper.  Didn't see that coming.

I was now ready to start making my wreath but realized a small problem.  By soaking and drying the coffee filters, I had smoothed out the "ruffly" edges.  Since the plain white ones hadn't been soaked and dried, they were still ruffly.  So, I stopped, filled the sink with warm water, and soaked the plain white ones in plain warm water.  After these had dried, I was ready to go.
I started twisting the filters and hot gluing them onto the wreath, alternating between blue and white.  After I had covered the whole wreath, this is what I had.
Next, I printed the letters U and K in a font I liked in Word, cut them out and traced them onto some white cardboard.  Using the white cardboard letters, I traced that onto white felt.  Then I used blue thread and stitched the white felt onto the white cardboard.  This part sucked.  It's not easy to sew cardboard and my fingers hurt from pushing the needle through and then into my finger.  After much putting it down and picking it up, I finally finished the letters and hot glued them onto the wreath.  This is the final product:

We love it!!!  It is now hanging on my front door for the duration of March madness.  Go big blue!

P.S. Joey and I's alma mater, Morehead State University, won their tournament, the OVC, to get into the NCAA tournament, too.  So we'll be rooting for both of them.

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vldecker said...

Love this! I found it via the link party at Someday Crafts. I didn't attend UK or Morehead, but I live in Ashland and know lots of people that have gone to both!

Anonymous said...

Very fun! I made a Tarheels wreath for a friend of mine & a Univ of Washington wreath for my sister & her hubs! Here's the link to the Tarheels one if you want to check it out! Thanks for sharing! :)

Cate from Random Crafty Georgia Girl said...

This is cute! I will be making one for our team. I will be showing this on Random Crafty Georgia Girl Crafty Tuesday tomorrow. Stop by for a featured button.

Courtney and Heather said...

Thanks for stopping by today! I love all the wreaths you have made! Very cute!