Saturday, March 21, 2009

Too Much

I feel like there has been so much stuff going on it's been hard to keep up with. The kids are enjoying the warmer weather and doing hilarious things on a daily basis. Here's some highlights (that I remember)
  • Logan started basketball about 5 weeks ago. He's not playing on a team, more of a class to learn the basics. He's very good at shooting and passing, but does not like dribbling. It's something that takes practice, and he gets frustrated very easliy. And when he gets frustrated, forget about it. So I was shocked when we went this past Thursday and we're practicing passing, and he decides he wants to dribble. And does it! Not particularly well, but he did it and he kept doing it. At the end of the class, he even dribbled up and down the court about 4 times each with the class. I was so excited. Up until then it was very frustrating to go and fight over practicing dribbling (sp.?). Next week is our last week and I know he's enjoyed it and he at least now knows the basics of what to do with a basketball.
  • Last week the kids were playing in the backyard while I was fixing dinner. Logan pokes his head in the door and says, "I think Shawn wants to tell me something." Huh, who's Shawn? I looked to see what he's talking about and a kid he rides the bus with had been riding his bike and stopped to play. They played while I fixed dinner, Shawn waited while we ate, and they played some more. Even including Gracie. They had a blast. Well this past week I went to pick Logan up from the neighbor's house when I got home from work and there was Shawn and the little boy who lives behind us, Joshua. They all came back to our house and played. Shawn asks Logan what his last name is. Logan tells him and next thing I know it's, "Mrs. Rowe, do you have anything to drink?" What?! How ridiculous! Mrs. Rowe. It just sounded crazy. Joshua ended up staying for a while and playing PlayStation with Logan until I kicked him out. It's so cute, though. Suddenly Logan has little friends coming over to play. I love it.
  • Gracie is doing so well with potty training. She's finally pooping more often in the potty than her underwear, which is awesome! She still has quite a few pee accidents, but those are fairly easily remedied. Her Aunt Mimi promised her a present if she started pooping on the potty, so last week we received a package in the mail. She had sent her clothes for her baby dolls, which Gracie loved. We spent the rest of the evening dressing and undressing them over and over.
  • Joey finally got done with his IV antibiotic and they took out the pic line. Unfortunately, he isn't a lot better like we had hoped he would be. He is still in a lot of pain, and has now started an oral antibiotic which makes him over the top nauseous. We're kind of lost at the moment as to what to do next. We just keep praying he gets better.
  • I'm trying to think of an update about me, but I can't. Hmmm. Am I loser or just boring? Neither are good options, I suppose. Oh wait, I am kicking ass with my March Madness bracket. I'm currently beating Joey, Dave, Mom, and Pete. Woo!

Hope everyone's doing well and I'll attempt to update soon!

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