Monday, January 19, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Naw, just kidding! This was one of my worries when starting a blog - that I would keep it up really well in the beginning and then slack off. And here we are. Ah well.

We had an interesting Christmas.
  • Molly dog had a bum leg.
  • Joey was admitted to the hospital the day after Christmas because he had meningitis (again!). He got out a few days later once they determined it was viral and not bacterial.
  • Mom and Pete (and their dogs Tilly and Tyler) stayed for a few days and did lots of babysitting.
  • Catherine and Dave visited for a few days and did lots of babysitting.
  • The kids slept until 8am on Christmas morning. I don't remember ever sleeping that late on Christmas day - as a child or an adult!
  • They loved the gifts Santa left for them - but he was kind enough to leave the receipt for Logan's gift since we ended up returning it. He got to walk around the toy section of Wal-Mart and pick out whatever he wanted, which he really enjoyed.
  • Joey's parents, Bill and Barb, visited for the New Year holiday. We shopped alot (me and his mom) and spent way too much money, but had a lot of fun. We even went so far as to by matching pajamas (style, not color) that light up. Yeah, we were dorks.

I think that's all the main points, but feel free to point out if I forgot something. Happy new year!

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