Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Holidays Are Coming!

Christmas is only six weeks away, my dear friend Rachel pointed out to me yesterday. How is that possible? That can't be right. Hold on, let me check the calendar. Oh my goodness, she might be right. Last Christmas, we traveled to Kentucky and spent Christmas with Joey's family. We had a good time, but realized that traveling for Christmas with kids just isn't much fun. I had to bring the Santa presents along in a tote so the kids wouldn't see them. Luckily, they never asked about the big blue tote in the back of the van. I had to bring all of our presents for our family and the ones for his family, and then bring all of the goodies back. Doable, but not as enjoyable as spending Christmas Eve in your own home. So after that, Joey and I said we weren't going anywhere this year. If anyone in our families want to spend the holidays with us, they can come here. That was then...this is now.

We have now decided to go to Kentucky and spend Thanksgiving with Joey's family. The Friday after Thanksgiving I'm getting up early to go shopping with his sisters, I hope to take Logan and my two nephews to see Madagascar 2, and we're having pictures made with the whole family. All 8 adults and 6 kids. That should be interesting. I've also had a request to bring some yummy chocolate chex mix, which I'll make the weekend before. We're all excited to get to spend time with his family, but I'm sure we'll be worn out when it's over. Oh well, it's worth it.

My mom and her boyfriend Pete are coming to our house for Christmas, and my sister Catherine and her husband Dave are coming the day after Christmas. More good times. But it's also got me thinking about feeding everyone. I have a plan, though. Christmas Eve I'm making Catherine's Taco Soup, Christmas morning I'm fixing a breakfast casserole, Christmas dinner will be beef stew, the day after Christmas mom is fixing chicken and dumplings, and Saturday morning I'm fixing my coffee cake, which Dave claimed to love last time he was here.

I've already started buying stocking stuffers for the kiddos and know what the rest of their presents are going to be. Affording it all is a different story, but I'll worry about that later. I already have the presents for the rest of our families done, except my niece and one of my nephews. I feel in control. I feel ready. I feel excited for all of it. Now when can I put my tree up? Driving home through my neighborhood last night I passed a house that already has Christmas lights up. It's too early, right? Speaking of Christmas lights, my friend Jessica agreed to help me put up ours this year. Woo hoo! Now how long do I have to wait?

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Rachel said...

coming from someone who thinks Christmas is always drug out way too long, I beleive the week of Thanksgiving is acceptable to decorate and put your tree up, however, my neighbors, Tim & Becky pu their tree and wreaths up the day after Halloween, tardos! Anyway, that's my opinion and my plan. Actually I won't be putting my tree up until we get back from TN which will be the 12/7 so our REAL tree won't die before Christmas even gets here. As for you already having a head start on presents, you suck. I am NEVER prepared prior to the week before Christmas. :)