Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Well, I have had a very fun Halloween. Yesterday I left work early and went to Logan's school to volunteer in his classroom for an hour. I went with the kids to two other rooms to assist them and the teachers with Fall/Halloween themed activities. The kids were a lot of fun...for two hours. I can't imagine how those teachers do it every day all day. A room full of five year olds is a loud, energetic bunch. Kudos to all kindergarten teachers out there.

After I left his school I went to Grace's daycare for her Halloween party. All the kids got to dress up, have a party with lots of yummy snacks, and go trunk or treating in the parking lot (thanks to parents and their creativity). Gracie wasn't so sure about it when she first saw all the cars with crazy decorations, but once she realized they were putting candy and cookies in her bag, she was all for it.
This is a picture of the awesome hat her teacher, Miss Anna, made for her. She made a different one for each kid in the class, and they were all very beautiful and incredibly creative. Of course, yesterday was Graces last day in that class, but a good note to end on.

After that we came home, picked Logan up, and went to my friend Sidonie's house to help her make Halloween cupcakes for her son's kindergartener class.
Aren't they cute? We used crushed oreos to make dirt and 100 calorie snack pack peanut butter cookies for the mummies. Logan and Jaden ran around the entire time, but Gracie wasn't sure what to do with Sidonie's 17 month old daughter, Cheyenne. In the end, Gracie realized that she was more like a real life baby doll than an actual playmate, and spent the last part of the evening holding her hand and walking her around the house, trying to pick her up to put her in her high chair, and rocking her in her swing. Even though it was a late night for all of us, we had a great time.

And of course, the grand finale was trick or treating tonight. Here are my two cuties:
Dr. Logan and monkey Rowe had a fun time and got tons of candy just walking around the block in our neighborhood. Example A - the loot.
Two full buckets of candy, candy, candy just waiting
to rot their little teeth (and mine and Joey's ;-).
Hope everyone had a great Halloween!

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