Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Pirate Child

Back in February my mother-in-law took Logan in for his 4 year check-up (yes, I know, 7 months late - don't judge). This new pediatrician immediately spotted something our old pediatrician in Kentucky never noticed - Logan's right eye turned in. We had noticed it some, but never thought it was a big deal. Now I got to take Logan to the eye doctor to have it checked out. Woo hoo. When I took him the first time, he did great until they wanted to dilate his eyes. He didn't really care for the idea of them putting these drops in his eyes. Screamed bloody murder while the doctor and I pinned him down and somehow managed to get the drops in. After waiting for his eyes to dilate, we found out the vision in his left eye was pretty good. However, the vision in his right eye was terrible. He had to get glasses, and in order to correct the "lazy eye" he had to start wearing a patch 2 hours every day over the good eye in order to strengthen the bad eye. When we went back for his check up in July, his vision had improved dramatically. The doctor wanted to keep him wearing the patch for two more months, and then see where we stand. Presumably - he'd be able to stop wearing the patch. However, when we went back for his checkup today, he couldn't see worth a crap out of his right eye. What?! I went expecting him to be able to quit wearing the patch, now he can't see? After the nurse checked his vision, the doctor confirmed that he really couldn't see very well. He needed to dilate his eyes again. It took Logan a bit longer to figure out what the doctor was going to do, so he was able to pin him down by himself and get the eyedrops in. After waiting for his eyes to dilate, we found out that his vision has improved a bit, but he's developed a stigmatism. Fantastic. I had the joy of purchasing a new lens for his right eye and we have two more months to look forward to wearing the patch. It's not a big deal to wear it, it's just an inconvenience. And now with school having started, there are even fewer hours in the day to get it done. But we'll adjust. We just have to hope that the next visit goes better. And who knows? Maybe we have the makings of an awesome halloween costume.

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Catherine Altmaier said...

Are you sure Logan isn't my child? I mean, you'd think I would remember that, but seriously, that describes perfectly my history of vision problems...except the patch thing didn't happen to me until I was in 4th grade, and I had to wear it to school (how am I not more scarred than I am?). Plus I go to the eye doc on Friday and now I'm having traumatic flashbacks. Great. ;)